When encountering accident, what should you do? I would like to explain the things you need to pay attention to in order to survive. First of all, it is important not to panic. Then, if there are people around you, ask them for help or phone emergency services (119). The first thing that needs be found out is whether the injured person is conscious. If the injured person has injuries on the head or neck, it should be confirmed whether he/she has a consciousness or not by tapping lightly below his/her nose or pinching the skin on their arm. This must be done for about five seconds to check if there are any responses.

If there are no signs of consciousness, you need to open the person’s airway and check breathing. If there is no breathing, start mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by blowing into the victim’s mouth. Check each step below to see how long to do CPR:

If the person is not responsive and has no pulse, CPR should be administered until emergency medical help arrives.

How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life

  1. Do not panic!  If you are the only person with the injured, take three deep breaths to calm yourself down before performing any first aid.
  2. Carefully examine where the injury is and what kind of bleeding it is . This will help you decide which first aid measure to apply first. Cut clothing off if necessary.
  3. Apply pressure to a wound to stop the bleeding if you can do so safely. Use a bandage, cloth, or your hand.
  4. If the person is not responsive and has no pulse, CPR should be administered until emergency medical help arrives.
  5. If the person is vomiting or having a seizure, do not give them anything to eat or drink.
  6. If a bone is sticking out, do not move the affected part of the body. Cover it with a cloth and keep it stable until medical help arrives .
  7. If you think that the person has a spine injury, try not to move him/ her at all.
  8. Monitor the person’s breathing and heart rate for any sudden changes.
  9. Ask someone to call 119 from a safe location if you cannot do it yourself .
  10. Try your best to remain calm and stay focused on saving the person.

Emergency Medical Care by Doctor Daisuke Inoue M.D., Ph.D.)

Move the person to a safe place where you can protect him or her from further harm

If the injured person is bleeding heavily, raise the part of the body that was cut off above where it belongs to slow down blood flow. Then continue with first aid measure.

If the person has a very serious injury and cannot breathe by himself, try breathing for him by covering his/her mouth and nose with your mouth.

If the person has a spinal cord injury, do not move him/her.

Keep the person warm by using a blanket or coat.

Do not give anything to eat or drink to someone who is vomiting or having a seizure.

Call 911 or emergency services (119)

As soon as possible to request an ambulance if you cannot deal with the situation on your own.

If the injured person’s heart has stopped beating, administer CPR immediately. Check each step below to see how long to do CPR:

Be very careful when administering CPR because broken ribs are likely to occur if you perform wrong movements. Do not give up until medical help arrives.


When encountering accident, the most important thing is to not panic and ask for help if there are people around. If the injured person is not responsive, check for consciousness and breathing, and start CPR if needed. Administer first aid measures depending on the injury until emergency medical help arrives. Stay calm and focused in order to save the person’s life. Remember to call 911 or emergency services (119) as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

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