If you’re looking for some good tips on how to start, or just want to know what it takes to become a great player in eSports, then these 5 Tips are the best place to start.

The “5 Tips on How to Start” is a blog post that provides 5 tips on how to start. The first tip is to have a plan, the second is to be patient, the third is to know your customers, the fourth is to focus on what you do best and finally the fifth tip is not quitting.

I understand why retail worries a lot of company entrepreneurs. I’ve worked with hundreds of small, medium, and big firms, so I’m well-versed in the ins and outs of the retail game. It, like any other company, demands investment, innovation, and structure. Maybe you currently work in retail, or maybe you just want to try your hand at it. Either way, read on for the essentials of running a retail company.

Let’s start with the most crucial question first:

Yoga studios with stores bring in much more revenue than those without. In fact, some of our yoga studios who opt to exhibit merchandise generate up to 50% of their income from retail sales. Let’s face it: your pupils will require a variety of mats, towels, props, and clothing to practice. Why not get it from you, the authority on all things yoga, if they’re going to get it anywhere? Furthermore, you know your students better than any big-box merchant, allowing you to purchase items based on what your community enjoys.

So, you’re thinking to yourself, “OK.” I’d want to leave some room for error. But what information do I require? Here are five pointers to help you get started.






What kind of studio do you have? Yoga that’s hot and sweaty, yin that’s peaceful and cold, and largely prenatal? What you sell will be determined by this. Consider your pupils. What do they need or request? What are their distinct personalities? What is it about your local market that is lacking? Take note of what your pupils wear and bring into the class. Use what you’ve learned to assist you construct what you’ve purchased.

Consider the following questions:

  • What objects would be most beneficial in helping my pupils improve their practice? i.e. a sticky cloth to keep them from slipping or sweating on their mat during a hot class.
  • What are the colors, patterns, and styles that my consumers prefer? For example, in Miami, matching garment sets are popular, as are all black outfits in New York… 



To retail’s toast, the butter! Without effective merchandising and assorting, or how you maintain your retail cute, retail is dull.


Retail as a visual art form! Merchandising is picking a color scheme and making your store appealing aesthetically. Consider a color scheme and then add various flashes of color to make it stand out. Even if your studio is mostly black and white, add some bursts of color or pink to catch the eye.


The set of things you sell in a certain time period is referred to as your assortment. Assorting properly takes forethought. Consider the finest combination of mats, props, attire, and accessories for your store. Anything goes, whether it’s 80 percent mats or 80 percent accessories.



While boutiques and conventional businesses get new clients on a regular basis, your loyal customers may come in on a daily basis. This implies customers will get used to seeing what is available in your retail area. Change it up at least once a month (or weekly if you’re ambitious!) to keep things interesting for your consumers. Restock or bring in fresh things by moving inventory to various locations. If something isn’t selling, think about promotions and markdowns.



Great salesmanship, in addition to all of the above, is the key to selling all of your products. One of the most important aspects of selling is to educate yourself about the product so that you can propose the best thing to your consumers. If you read up on our GRP Hot Yoga Mat vs. PROlite, for example, you’d know which was preferable for a client who desired a mat they could use without a towel in a sweaty practice.

Our Product One Sheets may be found here.



What’s more, guess what? Your Account Executive is available to assist you. Not only are we Manduka specialists, but we’ve also spent time researching best retail strategies in yoga, pilates, barre studios, gyms, boutiques, and department stores around the nation.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, so if you need more specific advice, give us a call and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

When you login to your Wholesale account on the left side of the screen, you’ll see your Account Executive’s contact information.

Annabelle van Schravendijk is the author of this piece.

East Coast Account Executive at Manduka 


The “10 tips on how to start a business” is a blog post that provides 5 tips for starting your own business. It also includes links to other blogs that provide more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 5 tips to start a business?

A: Here are 5 tips to start a business from someone who knows what theyre talking about. 1) Know your own worth and the value of your product or service 2) Make sure you have good customer service, even before you begin building up a clientele 3) Offer discounts for early adopters/early birds- The first people that buy should always get a discount! It will give them an incentive to be part of something new and exciting, as well as make it easier on their wallet in the long run because theres no risk involved with buying at this point. 4) Promote yourself through social media marketing – not just Facebook but also Instagram, Twitter etc., so that more people can know who you are and how awesome you are 🙂 . If other companies see these ads being posted by other businesses then theyll want to invest time into finding out whether or not Beat Saber is right for them too! Youve got all those other cool things going on so why shouldnt others? ;). Also consider creating a website where potential customers could find out more information about what makes your company special without having to jump back onto social media platforms. That way, when somebody goes online looking for something like Beat Saber PSVR (or whatever else), they already feel ready to take action because theyve seen everything there is about Beat Saber beforehand. If done properly then I think such sites would become quite successful! And lastly…always look amazing!!! Seriously though; dont skimp on hair care products especially if you plan on doing any kind of corporate work remotely via video chat services like Skype etc.- Just do yourself justice please 😛

How do you start tips?

A: Tips on the Beat Sabers start button.

How do I start a successful startup?


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