CPAP masks are designed to help people with sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea. There are many different types of masks, including nasal pillows, full face masks, and nasal prongs. This article will discuss how to choose a mask for your specific needs.

Choosing a CPAP mask may be difficult, especially with so many options. There are now over 50 CPAP masks to select from on our site, so there are plenty of choices, but where do you begin? We’ll assist you in narrowing down your choices and ensuring you obtain the perfect mask for you.


Full Face CPAP Mask and Nasla CPAP MaskPeople who breathe with their mouths open should use a full face CPAP mask. People who do not breathe via their mouth should use nasal masks.


1: How do you inhale and exhale?

You may wear a Nasal Cushion or Nasal Pillows Mask if you breathe through your nose. If you breathe via your nose yet your mouth opens, you may want to try wearing a chin strap to avoid this.

If you breathe through your mouth or sleep with your mouth open, a Full Face Mask is the way to go; if you’re uncertain, a full face mask is the way to go.

If you select a nasal mask, we suggest keeping a full face mask on hand in case you get a cold or have other nasal or sinus problems that cause your nasal passages to become blocked.


2: Nasal breather – is it a nasal pillow or a nasal cushion?

Nasal cushion masks account for 80% of the nasal masks we sell, while nasal pillows account for 20%. The nasal cushion is the first option since it is believed to be more pleasant and simpler to accept. Those who find a nasal or full-face mask claustrophobic, or who have skin irritation (which RemZzzs may assist), may find that nasal pillows are the best choice for them.


3: What kind of cushion should I buy?

The nasal cushion and full-face masks will both feature a silicone or gel cushion. Silicone cushions are often transparent, and this is the most common kind. Gel cushions are often blue (although they may be transparent or a different color) and are said to be more comfortable since they are softer and more flexible. The gel cushion masks are often more costly than their silicone counterparts (by about £15 in most instances), so you must decide if this is a worthwhile investment.

If you’re searching for a nasal cushion mask, the SleepWeaver is a good option. They don’t utilize silicone or gel; instead, they employ a cloth. It is definitely worth considering since the cushion makes it much more comfortable than conventional masks.


4: Feedback, forums, and reviews

We always suggest reading other people’s reviews on the CPAP mask you’re considering to see what other people have to say about it. You may also visit our forums at to read what other CPAP users have to say about selecting a CPAP mask, or even a specific CPAP mask. While we could provide enough material to fill an encyclopedia, the input of individuals who use and use CPAP masks every night is invaluable.

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