This article analyzes the 79 new, used, adult, and junior heavy bags in the market. The article provides a summary of each bag’s features and how they compare to one another.

Carrying a heavy bag to school what health related issues can arise. When carrying a heavy bag, it is important to be aware of any potential health risks that could come from the weight of the bag.


To figure out the average price of an adult heavy bag, a junior heavy bag, and a second-hand heavy bag, we looked at 79 heavy bags across various websites.

We looked at websites such as Amazon, RDX, Boxfit UK, and eBay to see how much they charge, why they charge what they do, and what would be the best option for you.

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    • What factors influence the price of a heavy bag?
    • What should you expect to spend for a large bag?
    • What are the finest heavy bags for adults and children?
    • Where can you get a nice heavy bag for adults and kids?
    • Is it worthwhile to purchase a secondhand heavy bag?

Here’s a quick rundown of our most important findings:

The average adult heavy bag price online is £153.20/$211.03/$285.05 AUD (see data).

Online, the average Junior Heavy Bag price is £27.18/$37.44/$50.57 AUD (see data).

On Amazon, the average adult heavy bag costs £62.71/$86.38/$116.97 AUD (see data).

On Amazon, the average junior heavy bag costs £28.09/$38.69/$52.27 AUD (see data).

Adult Heavy Bag Average Second Hand Price (See Data): £63.75/$87.81/$118.91 AUD

The average second-hand junior heavy bag costs £5.93/$8.17/$11.03 AUD (see data).

How did we go about doing this study?

We conducted this study by looking at the prices of the most popular heavy bags online and determining the average across all of the websites we looked at, whether it was via Amazon alone or through second-hand sales on sites like eBay and Gumtree.

We used a Google document like this to gather the data and divided it into various columns:

Product name (column 1): This is the name of the product that was taken from the website.

Column 2 – price: The product’s price in British pounds (£).

Link to the product in column 3: A link to the product page, where you can find the product name and price.

We utilized a formula (=AVERAGE) to figure out the average cost of the heavy bags after the columns were set up and we’d collected as much data as we could.

We used Google’s currency converter to convert GBP (£) to US ($) and AUS ($) after we had the average.


What Determines the Cost of a Heavy Bag?

The cost of a heavy bag is determined by the following factors:

Size: The larger the punch bag, the more materials and time it takes to make it, which is why an adult heavy bag costs £126.02 more than a smaller, junior heavy bag.

The most costly heavy bags are constructed with a leather shell, EPA foam, and carefully mixed materials. The cheapest bags are ones made of plastic/synthetic leather that come empty.

Branding: Designer labels are more expensive because they have developed brand loyalty by producing the finest goods with the best materials. Everlast and RDX may just charge more since they have a lengthy history of providing high-quality, well-liked goods.

Newness: A recently launched heavy bag with the most cutting-edge technology is usually more costly. It’s comparable to when a new iPhone is released; the newer it is, the more it costs. Furthermore, as the average prices above show, whether the thing is brand new or used (second hand) may make a huge difference in the price.

What Should You Expect to Pay for a Heavy Bag?

You can anticipate to spend between £80 ($110 USD) and £120 ($165 USD) for a high-quality adult heavy bag. However, it is contingent on the kind of heavy bag you want.

Are you searching for a heavy bag that is 6ft tall or 3ft tall, new or used, for example? Perhaps you’d like to buy a bag that’s already filled?

For each situation, here’s how much you should pay:

Note: Full implies the bag comes filled, while unfilled indicates the inside of the heavy bag is empty and you must fill it yourself.

The following costs were calculated using the current data at the top of this page as well as further research.

  • 6 foot heavy bag – brand new 
    • £144.39 (filled)
    • £82.33 (unfilled)
  • 5′ x 5′ x 5′ x 5′ x 5′ x 5′
    • £109.05 (filled)
    • £56.49 (unfilled)
  • new 4ft heavy bag (junior)
    • £104.85 (filled)
    • £43.78 (unfilled)
  • new 3ft heavy bag (junior)
    • £86.42 (full)
    • £34.23 (unfilled)

  • Used/second hand 6ft heavy bag
  • Used/second hand 5ft heavy bag
  • used/second hand 4ft heavy bag (junior)
  • used/second hand 3ft heavy bag (junior)

What Are the Best Heavy Bags for Adults and Children?

The 5pcs Leather Punchbag 5ft Blk/White Rex is the finest adult heavy bag available online (see our full review here) The Pro Power 3ft Junior Punch Bag is the finest children’s heavy bag (for those under the age of 12). (review on Argos).

Alternatively, the ONEX Pre-Filled Heavy Bag is one of the finest heavy bags for juniors (ages 13 to 18). (review here on amazon or read our review here).


Where Can You Get a Good Heavy Bag for Adults and Kids?

On websites like,,, and, you can get a decent adult and junior heavy bag.

Ringside, Argos, Boxfit UK, and TITLE are a few excellent places to go if you’re searching for a heavy bag in-store.

What makes a junior heavy bag different from an adult heavy bag?

A junior heavy bag is designed for youngsters under the age of 18, while an adult heavy bag is designed for people aged 18 and above.

A junior heavy bag is lighter and smaller to accommodate young people’s developing bodies.

Is Buying a Used Heavy Bag Worth It?

If you carefully inspect the bag in person or through video chat to determine if there are any rips or tears, it may be worthwhile to purchase a used heavy bag.

This is due to the fact that even a tiny rip may quickly develop into a much larger one with only a few hits, rendering your purchase worthless.

The best punching bag for beginners is a piece of equipment that is used to practice punches and kicks. It’s important to have the right type of bag for your needs, so you are able to get the most out of your training.

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